The House of New Beginnings is a half-way house for men recovering form alcoholism and

drug addiction. We opened our doors in October of 2006 and have served over 800 men.

Our Mission is to Provide Alcoholic/Addicts with a Safe, Sober, Structured

environment; introduce them to 12 step programs, and help establish a foundation and set of

recovery tools which can help provide continuous sobriety in their lives.

The HNB program requires a 6 month commitment from the client in order to be accepted

into HNB. A client may stay up to 18 months. We provide a room, food, 12 step meetings, a

supportive environment and many other activities and opportunities.

We accept men 18 years of age and up, with a alcohol or drug problem, who are

looking for a clean and sober life. Residents must be able to work and be self-supporting by

paying $100 weekly for room and board.